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Vial Trays

Enhance your pharmaceutical operations with our versatile Stainless Steel Vial Trays. Designed for efficiency and adaptability, these trays are tailored to accommodate vials of any size. Their stackable configuration optimizes storage, while the perforated design ensures excellent air flow for use in various environments. Compatible with robotic conveyance systems and ready for palletization, our trays offer seamless automation and logistics. Elevate your pharmaceutical processes with these durable and customizable solutions.

Key Features:
Customizable Design: Tailored to fit vials of various sizes, providing adaptability for diverse pharmaceutical applications.
Space-Efficient: Stackable trays optimize storage space, ensuring efficient organization
and utilization of your facility.
• Robotic Handling: Designed for seamless integration with robotic conveyance systems, enhancing automation and minimizing human intervention.
• Palletization Ready: Facilitates effortless palletization, streamlining logistics and transportation processes.
• Superior Air Flow: Perforated trays ensure proper air circulation, making them ideal for use
in incubation chambers, autoclaves, or freezers.

Quality Stainless Steel: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability, longevity, and compliance with pharmaceutical industry standards.

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