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Nanofiltration skids

G&G technologies provides flexible designs of mixing systems for custom and standard applications of buffer/ media preparation, product formulation and mixing of process fluids. The mixing vessels are manufactured from Polypropylene or 304L, 316L Stainless Steel Material. The SS mixers are available with jacketed and non-jacketed options for heating and cooling. Agitation can be supplied from the top or bottom. We provide various styles of mixers ranging from cylindrical, quadrangular and multi-sided, to meet the demands of the industry. Disposable bags are becoming the alternative to the expensive methods such as CIP, SIP and cleaning validation. Integrating the use of Single Use bags with the mixing systems raises process efficiency and reduces batch-to-batch cross contamination with rapid turn-over time.


Working volume: 50L, 100L, 200L, 1000L, plus Blend times less than 60sec
Small footprint
Fully drainable
Stirred tank mixing
Probe managers and test tube holders
Superior quality bag film


Media/ buffer prep Liquid-liquid mixing
Powder-liquid mixing
Rapid mixing for aqueous and viscous solutions
Storage and transporttion


Weight monitoring and control Temperature monitoring and control
pH/DO/Cond. monitoring and control
Agitation control
Custom Instrumentation and components selection
Control system platform Bag configuration

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