Flex Cart

The Flex Skid Platform is the perfect solution to facilitate scale-up processes. This highly adaptable platform is infinitely configurable, making it easy to accommodate your specific equipment needs. With the Flex Skid, you can seamlessly transition from bench scale to pilot scale to production scale, all on a single, flexible platform.
Our system offers a-la-carte accessories such as Filter Holders, pumps, valves, and sensors, allowing you to tailor the platform to your exact requirements. For maximum flexibility, you can run your process using a G&G Configurable Pump module with modular heads that match your desired flow rate.
Experience unparalleled ease and efficiency in scaling up your processes with the Flex Skid Platform.


Single or Multi- Pump systems Clamp-On or Single-Use Flowmeters
Single-Use or Non Invasive Pressure Sensors Integrated HMI
Manual Pinch Valves
Automated Pinch Valves

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