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Single-Use Solutions

G&G is a unique manufacturing and services company that draws on its substantial system design, process operation and mechanical design expertise to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to a wide range of equipment and process challenges encountered by Biopharm companies.

G&G Technologies has the capability of supplying a wide range of process equipment solutions and services, including:

Pass Thru Windows

Pass Thrus

A simple and ergonomic solution to the common challenge of passing tubing and cables between controlled environments.

Pass Thru Caps

Our Depth Filtration Skids consist of a single pump system, with single-stage filtration, and instrumentation that controls key process parameters, including pressure drop and Flow Rate.

Cap Caddies

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FireStop Blocks

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Tubing Management

Tubing Management Runs

Tube Holders
Tube Stands

tand-Alone Tube Racks

Filter Holders

Single-Use Components


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Custom Components

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Configurable Pumps

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Solutions for Classified Spaces

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