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Liquid Chromatography System

Designed to separate/isolate proteins or impurities from a cell culture process stream, this system has a 5-50 lpm process capacity and operates in a flow control or differential pressure mode. It comes equipped with a multi-port inlet valve for introduction of the product and five individual buffers from dedicated disposable sterile containers. An additional multi-port chromatography valve permits forward, reverse and bypass flow, and a full complement (pre and post column) of instrumentation provides feedback on critical parameters such as pH, conductivity, flow, pressure, temperature and UV adsorption.

Product picture
Liquid Chromatography System
System Dimensions

52"L X 34"W X 47"H

Materials of Construction
All process wetted components of 316L St/Stl

Frame: Welded 304SS structural tube

Drip Pan: Formed 304SS sheet

EPDM diaphragms and gaskets
Specific Features
Specific Features
Sanitary design rotary lobe pump with inverter-duty motor

Manual diaphragm valves on feed, retentate and permeate lines for TMP control

Pressure gauges on feed, retentate and permeate lines

NEMA 4X variable frequency drive

Four stainless steel swivel locking casters

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