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COP Skid

This is a portable cart that provides the capability of recirculating clean-in-place solutions to/from media prep and fermentation equipment in a biotech process. The cart is equipped with a variable speed liguid-ring centrifugal pump that can function as both a pressure supply or scavenge (CIP Return) pump. Additionally, a variable speed peristaltic pump located on the cart is used to draw from small acid or caustic carboys and injects the chemistry into the processs lines for cleaning.

Product picture
COP Skid
System Dimensions

42"L X 30"W X 66"H

Materials of Construction
All process-wetted components of 316L St/Stl
Frame: Welded 304SS squqare structural tube
304SS NEMA 4X electrical enclosure
EPDM diaphragms and gaskets
Specific Features
Variable speed liquid-ring centrifugal pump
Variable speed peristaltic chemical injection pump
Thermal dispersion flow switch for dry-running protection
Manual isolation and throttling diaphgragm valves
Two variable frequency drives for recirculation pump control and auxiliary PD pump control
Water-tight receptacles on enclosure sidewall for external pump and chemical pump power supply

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