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Chemical Dosing Module

Designed to provide low volume storage and metering of bleach and phosphoric acid for a cell harvest filtration CIP system. Air-operated diaphragm pumps are dedicated to each tank and deliver a specified amount of fluid to the cleaning tank according to a pre-programmed set point in a control module. Based on feedback from a continuous level transmitter, the acid tank fills automatically from a bulk storage tank. The bleach is filled manually from a 4” port on the vessel cover. Customer process connections include clean compressed air for pump operation, acid day tank fill line and chemical delivery lines from pump discharge to the process tank.

Product picture
Chemical Dosing Module
System Dimensions

48”L X 48”W X 82”H

Specific Features
Compressed Air: Brazed copper; cleaned for oxygen service
Acid Distribution: 316L St/Stl; full penetration butt weld
Bleach Distribution: Welded PFA pipe and PFA tubing
Acid Holding Tank: Polypropylene
Bleach Holding Tank: HDPE
Frame: Welded 304SS square structural tube
Electrical Enclosure: 304SS NEMA 4X

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