Re-Define Cleaning CIP & COP – Breakthrough with VCN™ - Patented

G & G Technologies and Vacuum Processing Systems have combined their experience to bring biopharmaceutical life sciences companies a state of the art Clean in Place (CIP) and Clean out of Place COP breakthrough in cleaning technologies VCN™.  Removing the traditional CIP and COP barriers, customers can breakthrough into a ClnStream™ manufacturing suite.



Vacuum Cycle Nucleation (VCN) is the most exciting advancement in cleaning since the introduction of ultrasoncis. VCN provides superior performance in both aqueous and solvent applications.

Vacuum Cycling Nucleation (VCN) is a new technology presently being used to enhance the transfer of material to or from the surface of the solid. The process is accomplished by reducing the total pressure in a controlled environmental chamber containing a part submerged in a liquid to below the vapor pressure of the liquid. The process results in the formation of vapor bubbles (explosion) at the solid part’s surface where typically nucleation sites for bubble formation can be found in the form of imperfections, crevices or foreign particle material.


The ClnStream COP System, an industry first designed and built by G & G Technologies and Vacuum Processing Systems, combines a Cleaning Chamber in conjunction with a fully-integrated, automated Vacuum System operated from a single control and HMI on a single skid. The ClnStream system includes the option to install additional cleaning capabilities in a “plug and play” fashion.  The ClnStream systems processing takes place in a vacuum chamber which allows us to have complete process control, weather the application requires VCN, agitation, spray, ultrasonics or other process enhancements our machine are custom designed to meet the customer's specific requirements regarding performance, footprint, throughput and cost of ownership. Our processing also provides low cost drying performance.


The ClnStream CIP System, works on the same principle as the COP where specific Equipment or System becomes the Cleaning Chamber.


VCN Agitation Benefits

- Best uniform agitation system on the market.
- Only truly internal parts cleaner on the market.
- Only processing system that enhances mass transfer of processing chemicals or surfactants to a part’s surface.
- Great system for particle removal from surfaces
- VCN systems have the lowest temperature cleaning capabilities of any technology on the market
- VCN systems require much lower chemical concentrations than other commercially available systems like ultrasonic systems.
- Best uniform treatment system available whether external or internal treatment required.
- Rapid bulk fluid turnover achievable in tight fluid areas
- Easily combined with other cleaning methods such as ultrasonics or fluid jet systems.
- Built in vacuum drying as a value added feature
- Vacuum eliminates the problem of surface tension in tight areas
- Air removal allows for complete contact inside and outside a part
- Complete recycling of chemical vapors for maintaining consistent concentrations and eliminating emissions.
- Low temperature cleaning in aqueous surfactant systems as low as 30°C (86°F).
- Effective solvent cleaning as low as 60°C below the solvents boiling point. For example, n-Propyl Bromide can clean at room
- VCN is a very effective rinse method.
- Complete processing capabilities in one tank. For example, a part could undergo cleaning, rinsing, passivation, rinsing and drying all in one chamber
- VCN is the only wet processing sytem that targets key areas for treatment such as particles, defects or vias and channels
- VCN can move fluid through tubes or lumens without manifolding or pumping fluids
-VCN is the gentlest cleaning process for delicate parts

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