G & G Technologies is proud to announce the WholeStream Bio-processing System. The WholeStream redefines traditional upstream and downstream processing in a breakthrough product combining a bio-reactor with membrane cell harvest, clarification, and concentration into a fully integrated, automated, modular, and single-use system.

The WholeStream approach, designed and built by G & G Technologies, brings broad and deep knowledge to provide a bio-reactor unit working integrally with a cell harvest unit and optional ultra-filtration and/or chromatography unit operations.

The WholeStream BioProcessor Model 50-3000, the first system in the WholeStream family, incorporates a 50L G&G Omni Bioreactor system with a SmartFlow Technologies disposable OptiSep® 3000 module and Pegasus system technology. The system's total operation is controlled with a single, integrated control and HMI screen, with any additional unit operations (ultra-filtration or chromatography) being integrated as needed in a "plug-and-play" fashion. The use of an integrated, uniform HMI across all operations provides users the benefits of an easy to navigate and customizable system for training and operation.

The WholeStream BioProcessor can function as a single-use disposable bioreactor/cell harvest system or provide multiple-usage capability with low volume 316L stainless steel piping. For true modular operation, the option to integrate a SmartFlow Technologies ultrafiltration system with supporting OptiSep modules and/or a SmartFlow Technologies chromatography system with customer-defined column and media components. Each unit operation is fully automated and can be integrated into a facility’s existing system or function as a stand-alone feature.

View the innovative WholeStream at the 2010 INTERPHEX show in New York, Booth 1680. And, for further information regarding how the WholeStream system can provide your facility the freedom from upstream and downstream barriers, please contact G & G Technologies at info@ggtechnologies.com.